People. Business. Innovation.

We are a holding company led by entrepreneurs and managers. We have gained experience, relationships and success.
In the world.

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We invest in entrepreneurs and innovations

People come first, because they are the ones who have ideas and create new realities.

We are committed to the industries that we believe are most innovative and at the same time most sustainable in the long term: Bio- Green- Health- Fin- Deep-Tech, New Space and Smart Urban Development. With investments in Europe and in the US.

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We believe in the synthesis between technology and human being.

That synthesis that will improve both, creating success for entrepreneurs and a better life for all.


Trust. Values. Future.

Our financial connections are built on relationships of trust
and founded on shared values, both ethical and professional.

innovation 10X

At the base of everything there is a deep passion for people and ideas. And a principle: investing alongside exceptional entrepreneurs in what we call "10x innovations".

Something that is ten times better than what already exists.

What we offer is our international and managerial experience, to transform innovative startups and already established companies into structured companies, with managerial skills and an international network.
By accompanying courageous entrepreneurs on their growth path, we make our international network of high-profile contacts available to them and create industrial synergies and successful networks.


By the very nature of our philosophy, we have a long-term vision. Our ambition is to build a group of successful companies. Our dream is to create a better future.



Creation. Growth. Expansion.

We invest in new ideas to support startups and entrepreneurs from the seed stages to the IPO.

Like a Venture Capital, but with the long-term vision of a group that has 90 years of history in innovation.

We work alongside established companies that have the ambition to move to a higher level, providing growth capital but, above all, sharing and industrial plan and bringing our experience and our work.

Like a Private Equity, but without time constraints and with respect for the entrepreneur that only other entrepreneurs can have.